Our mission is to provide another median for our existing and potential customers to receive information about our business and the products that we carry.  We would like to differentiate ourselves through our key attributes such as a deep understanding of produce, the quality of our products, locality and the selection and variety of products that we carry, i.e. from staple products such as potatoes and apples to specialty products such as black summer truffles and black radishes.  The general themes should be open, rustic, and traditional in order to maintain the feeling of a mom-and-pop run store and an open air market.

Key Attributes:

    • Investment of time and resources to understand produce and the process from growth to harvest

    • Selection of numerous variety of staple products and availability of specialty products

    • Desire to provide quality products to taste good

    • Local products from Alberta and British Columbia

    • Personal interaction and relationships with clients

    • Resonable prices

    • Strong business and personal relationship with farmers and suppliers